Pokémon Rumble Website

The Pokémon Company International.  Need we say more?

In less than 5 weeks… Design, develop and implement a highly immersive site, online game, and marketing materials showcasing Pokémon Rumbles’ unique game play—clearly conveying the perfect “pick up and play” game.  In 9 different languages.  Yowza!

Wii owners and Pokémon fans are used to nothing short of fantastic.  The bar was high for creating a site with stunning graphics and fun interactive interplay.  Utilizing cutting-edge digital media including game video, intense animations, a mix n’match online game, screensavers, wallpapers, a targeted Email campaign—and a little bit of magic mixed in—we designed a site and supporting marketing materials for this project.  It was bold, intense, energetic, and an experience which was fun, colorful, exciting, and action-spurring…especially surrounding game purchase.

Result: A truly exquisite experience as fun as the actual game.  Winner of the 2010 IMA Award, Best-in-Class and 2011 Outstanding Achievement WebAward.